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We’re Coming Back But It May Take A While.

February 23, 2011

The report of our death was greatly exaggerated. We never died, but we did sort of pass out.
Some of you will remember (but most of you will have no recollection of this at all) that from 1980 to 1995 Legend, Inc. published 35 in-print editions of Marblehead Magazine. At the time of shifting to online we had 4,000 subscriptions and sold out every issue.

Marblehead Magazine Issue #2

Now, this Marblehead Magazine was the original, not the Salem News’ new publication, Marblehead Home and Style, hereafter referred to as Marblehead Home. The Salem News publication is a quality magazine and I actually like it. But it is not Marblehead Magazine. Our investigative reporting defined our publication and our historical research and insightful photographs, our poetry and people pages, our Kid’s Eye Views, and our devotion to giving true Marbleheaders and their beloved Town a deep and loving look made us one of those publications in Marblehead history that people always remember.

And we are not done yet. We have a few obstacles [see the main menu item “Join”] and we are working towards solutions. So stay tuned. enjoy the Weekly News Digest and read through our archive of story… and keep coming back because it is going to keep growing and getting better. Our goal is to bring an old, trusted, hardnosed voice back to Marblehead politics and contemporary history. A voice that tells Marblehead’s story the way it was meant to be told.

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