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Issue #1: “At The Outset”

May 2, 2011

Originally published: February, 1980

A magazine can be a reservoir. This magazine will be a reservoir for the legend of Marblehead. And not only the history of the Town, but also the unfolding of Marblehead’s continuing story.

There is a legend in this Town. It is one that is felt after only a few moments here, and one that lingers for a lifetime. It is a good one. Rich in human spirit, it’s full of the right stuff of our time, and of the times which precede us. Marblehead’s legend is a subject worthy of inquiry, with plenty of substance to satisfy our curiosity and industrious inclinations.

Some have said that the legend of Marblehead is dead, gone down before shopping plazas and condominiums; lost inside an old faded post office building, or a grammar school; polluted in an over-stuffed harbor. But I say, no. The legend of Marblehead is alive and well, still giving birth to rich history, and a challenging contemporary scene. We need to look harder. We need to look closer.

To that idea this magazine is completely dedicated.

With this issue, we begin. In planning for the past two years – sometimes it more like dreaming – a plan developed that called for four issues, published irregularly. May, July, September and November seem like good times to publish. Mid-winter will present an opportunity to regroup, consult with you, our readers, and plan for the second year.

The concrete planning of articles for this and all issues will, hopefully, surprise you – first beause of the originality and energy that will go into them, and second, because of the insights the articles and essays will offer. The insights are not the products of our collecgtive philosophy or sagacity, but rather insights offered by Marblehead itself. In its scenery, its people, its government, its problems, and its triumphs: in these you will see what this town and the dynamic people in it, are all about.

Your help is needed. As readers you support our efforts. and our independence, with you newsstand purchases and subscriptions. (Advertisers support our efforts with creative ads that fit, not just in the magazine, but also that suit this unique town.) Together, all of us generate the energy of Marblehead Magazine. It will be ample.

So, we pursue the goal of compiling the finest editorial product about Marblehead every published here, and utilizing that excellence to recapture and reclaim the legend, the spirit, the feeling, if you will, that has been part of this town as long as anyone can remember. We know this spirit is not gone. But we hope to apply a little elbow grease, get it shining brightly again, and then put it our where all can see it, and enjoy it.

We hope that this magazine is special for you, and that in reading it you realize that, truly, you are part of the legend. The most important part.

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