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A Book Review: The Lighthouse Santa

June 5, 2011

The Lighthouse Santa by Sara Hoagland Hunter with illustrations by Julia Miner should be in every Marblehead home. If you have young children it’s a must. If your children are grown, buy it just in case. If you have no children, buy it to remember your own childhood dreams and then find a child to read it to.

Based on a true story, around 1936, the book depicts a pilot who, on Christmas, always flew over the lighthouses of the coast and dropped presents to the children living on island outposts. Edgar Rowe Snow, the real Lighthouse Santa, flew to remote lighthouses on Christmas for nearly 50 years. Today lighthouses are almost all automated and, as the author notes, “Edgar Rose Snow is no longer alive, but the Flying Santa flights continue each Christmas in his honor.”

The book depicts a young girl, Kate, living with her brother and mom and dad at a lighthouse on Nantucket. She dreams of … well a special gift from the Flying Santa but doubts her wish will ever come true. Then one night in a terrible Christmas Eve storm… well you will have to read it. And then you will want to read it again.

This book is highly recommended as a gift for a friend, for your child’s teacher, and as a wonderful addition to your book shelves just in case some stormy Christmas Eve the door knocks and … one of your wishes comes true.

Available at the Spirit of ’76 bookstore after September 13, 2011. Ask Bob to pre-order for you.

Published by the University Press of New England, One Court Street, Lebanon, New Hampshire 03766.

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