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Gregory Maass sits down in the Superintendent’s chair

July 21, 2011

After the tumultuous reign of error by his predecessor, Paul Dulac, Gregory Maass has taken the helm at Marblehead Public Schools. Since Phil Devaux’s highly successful and acclaimed tenure as superintendent in the 1990’s it was all downhill for the school committee that appoints superintendents. Ellen Minihan crashed and burned and left under a cloud of miscommunications. Then Dr. Devaux came back to help. Then they hired Paul Dulac who ended his tenure amid controversy, hiring misfires, construction mismanagement, money troubles, low, low system and teacher morale and finally, to top it off, ethics charges and fines for the first time in Marblehead superintendent history. And then the business manager for the district quit and went to Northampton.

Dr. Maass, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

Superintendent Maass, as quoted in the Lynn Item, said, “I try to lead by example. If we want to be a great school system we all want to roll in the same direction and we need to have conversations to see if we are doing that or if we need to restructure.”  He is planning on the first year of being a time when he learns “the context” of Marblehead education. Dr. Maass describes himself as a person who is “thoughtful by nature… a reflective guy.” He feels that Marblehead is an opportunity, to “make a difference.”

Like all beginnings, this one too is full of good will, optimism and high expectations. Let’s hope the school committee has, shall we say, learned its lesson and that Marblehead finally gets the quality superintendent the Old Town deserves.

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