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Gerry Island Update

July 23, 2011

Peter Noyes’ lawsuit against the Town of Marblehead has named the members of the Recreation and Parks Commission have been named personally in the filing. Noyes is faced with $900 in fines for actions he has taken on Gerry Island owned by Ted Moore, but under the jurisdiction of the Wetlands Protection Act, hence the Conservation Commission. It all started when Moore asked Noyes to rebuild a seawall on the island. One thing led to another and Noyes asked for permission to use the island as a camp ground,  and a boatyard/ He requested to build a gravel causeway to replace the natural causeway and to use a crane on the island. Request denied and off the courts. It’s a tangled web of courts, lawsuits and stalled projects. As previously reported in the Lynn Item, Walter Haug, Chairman of the Conservation Commission said, “We work under the Wetland Protection Act and the Town’s Wetland Protection bylaw. [Noyes] will have to appeal in court to overturn our denial under the bylaw.” It’s an uphill battle for Noyes to get back to sea level. The island he wants to fix up; the island of denials he finds himself on; and then the Town who knows that no one is an island here. When you fight city hall, city hall can fight back. More to come….

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