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Maass sees a need for a “cultural change” in the schools

August 3, 2011

School Committee vice chairman Dick Nohelty stated that “There is a built-up lack of trust” among the employees of the school system including the Town at large. “An absolute vacuum,” he added. As reported in th Salem News, Maass encouraged school committee members to keep an open mind at meetings before pushing their own ideas to the fore. Maass advocated openness and transparency saying, “If we have nothing going on … underneath the table or away from the committee, I think we will be okay from a credibility perspective. Maass advocated for more teacher-to-teacher collaboration and sharing of knowledge, removing the “island’ mentality where teachers feel isolated and alone and the Town feels the schools don’t listen.

Jonathan Lederman predicted that many of the communication problems between the school committee and the administration would go away with Superintendent Maass in place. “We are going to work together really well with you.”

Obviously, the new superintendent is hitting all the hot buttons that build confidence as we head into the school year’s start in late August. But hitting the hot buttons and then transforming the words into effective policies that build a higher morale among the teachers, more confidence among parents and non-school Town officials … well that’s another thing altogether.

But like Jonathan Lederman we have high hopes.

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