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Town boards continue search for new members

August 3, 2011

It may come as no surprise that the Finance Committee is not having its doors beaten down by eager applicants crazy for the empty seats. There have been a few applicants, but apparently that is not enough to satisfy the Board of Selectmen. Some applicants don’t like the meetings. For some the meetings are too early or too late  or too long. And

probably there are a whole bunch of people out there just too darn tired after fighting off unreasonably demanding bosses and fears of unemployment all day to eat dinner and run out to meetings that never end and when the committees meeting do make decisions, neighbors are mad and people avoid the members while shopping. It ain’t easy being a town official. The glory of service has evaporated into a mist of controversy and conflict. When acompany can’t get people to apply to work there we would all think there is something wrong with the way things are managed at that company. But in government we overlook that elephant in the Selectmen’s room and blame the applicant pool. Remember, though, if community committee service were perceived as a productive and positive use of one’s time the applications would be piling up without asking. “If you build a better mousetrap, they will beat a path to your door,” the saying goes. In Marblehead we have built a really nasty looking mousetrap and the mice are too smart to stick their necks out. Smart mice: not good for the trap business (or for Town committee service).

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