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The Glover Building Oversight Committee has a new friend…

August 7, 2011

Barbara Anderson appointed to Marblehead Public Schools Building Oversight Committee for the new Glover School project.

Talk about a fiscal watchdog for the new Glover project. Barbara Anderson who in her younger days altered the way the Commonwealth of Massachusetts does business, and ever since has been a full-throated advocate for smaller government and a pay-as-you-go taxation system, has now agreed to assist the school department in making the new Glover School building project a success and a transparent one from the point of view of the average Marblehead citizen. Her previous service to the Town includes a stint on the finance committee (1978-1981) and, since 1997 she has been a columnist for the Salem News. She has said1 that she will also rely on Bob Erbetta and Jack Buba — two well-known local, political observers who can be critical of the Town when they perceive a misuse of town funds — for assistance. The recent debacle of the Village School construction project prompted the School Committee to call for a wider range of participation and they got their wish. School Committee’s vote to accept Ms. Anderson’s application for the committee was unanimous. Let’s hope their reception of her pointed questioning and persistent demand for openness and fairness will be as popular.

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