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Patrol Officer Adkerson charged with making threats, but he pleads “not guilty”

August 10, 2011

The Beverly police stepped in after his estranged wife accused the officer of threatening to kill others and himself. She said that Adkerson himself had expressed doubt about wisdom of having himself patrolling the streets of Marblehead with a gun. She said1 he had asked the Marblehead Police Department for a leave but it was denied. The department suggested he take a vacation. But, as reported, Chief Picariello said, “It didn’t happen that way.” According to the chief Adkerson never said he was uncomfortable carrying a gun. In fact officer Adkerson denies his wife’s account entirely. The ten year veteran of the department has, however, been taken off duty.


  1. Salem News, Kulie Maganis, 8/10/11, front page lead []

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