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Wayne Johnson loses again, but he’s not giving up

August 18, 2011

He’s be told to either move it or lose it, but he is seek refuge in never-ending appeals in court. But, like sands slipping through an hourglass, Wayne’s amazing adventure is slowing eking out its last,drawn out, never-completely-ending-moments. Sort of. Attorney Charles LeRay says1 that he and his client are still discussing options. They can ask the the appeals court to reconsider, appeal to alarger pael of judges, or take it to the state’s Supreme Court. The neighbor’s who are insisting that Mr. Johnson follow the decisions of the courts also has a lawyer: John McElroy. He is reported as saying, “They will request further appellate review and orchestrate a strategy to continue this forever.” The Town of Marblehead’s regulatory boards, Board of Selectmen and Town Meeting itself, the Land Court, the appellate court and anyone else who has been asked for an opinion have all said, basically, that Johnson knew it was against the law but did it anyway. At the very least they say when he was told it was wrong he did nothing to fix it. McElry has filed a complaint asking that Johnson be held in contempt for non compliance and defiance.

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