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Car break-ins rage on Elm Street

August 20, 2011

Chief Picariello stated so easily that there have been 16 or 17 car break-ins in the Elm Street area. He couldn’t be sure of the exact number1. GPS units were especially popular (obviously the thieves don’t have smart phones with $3.99 GPS), laptops (who leaves their laptop in the car?), and other things were being stolen. The chief’s answer to the crime wave: “The best thing people can do is lock their cars and not leave valuables in their cars.” Really? Wow. It’s so easy. Do thieves look in, see nothing, and pass the car by? Do they see the little lock latches down, and think, “not this one, it’s locked?”

Oh, yes, the chief elucidated another vital piece of the crime prevention puzzle: “If anybody hears or sees anything suspicious, they should call.” That should do it.

  1. Salem News, 8/20/11, p.3 []

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