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Bubier Road: Johnson in contempt. Next step?

October 27, 2011

74 Bubier Road is in the news again, to Wayne Johnson’s chagrin. Judge Keith Long is set to make a decision after a 30-day period for Johnson to act. In August 2010 the Appeals Court set an October 4, 2010 deadline for Johnson to remove his home. A previous 16-year legal process had left no option for Johnson or the court. Johnson now says that he has no mone to pay for such a demolition or for such a move. Judge Long does not agree.1 “Every single possibility that has been raised today as far as moving his property or tearing it down, every single one came within his means,” stated Frank McElroy, attorney for the Shey’s the neighbors who have been pushing for a solution for all these years. “Mr. Johnson is clearly in civil contempt of this court. I’m concerned about a process that could take a long period of time. The history of this case … just drags on,” McElroy concluded.

It’s time for the court to put its foot down. It’s time to resolve this case with the force of the law.

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