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Doug Petersen arrested for drunk driving

November 12, 2011

He wouldn’t take the on-site sobriety tests offered at the corner of Brookhouse and Tedesco, or the one offered down at the station. Petersen, 63, is the former state representative for Marblehead for 14 years. He left the state legislature to serve in the Patrick Administration as Agricultural Commissioner. But this was not a night he will want to remember.

Apparently, Petersen took the turn onto Brookhouse from Tedesco, according to a report filed by Officer Chuck Sinclair, at a high rate of speed and smashed into the stone curb of the median, snapping off a front tire. When the police arrived, Petersen was standing outside of the car. When asked if he had been drinking, Petersen initially said, “No,”  but after the officer stated that he could smell alcohol, he amended his answer to “a couple of drinks.”1 Petersen was bailed out and departed from the station with his attorney. In a later report, Petersen mentioned that, on the evening in question, he was on prescription medicines for  bipolar disorder.

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