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School Committee member speaks out on Gerry School construction scheduling

November 22, 2011

Certainly not representing the School Committee, Vice President Dick Nohelty said (Salem News, 11/21/11) “The Town can’t afford to be doing two projects (simulatneously).”  The Town recently passed the override for the Glover School overwhelmingly. So a new Gerry School is not in the offing, apparently.

The 100-year-old-school was deemed “educationally” unsound by its principal. But the date of the start of construction is, as of yet, undetermined. As reported in the Salem News, Nohelty is quoted: “Construction should be completed on the new Glover School in 2014.  At that point,”  Nohelty said, “the School Committee will consider whether rebuilding Gerry is still the district’s top priority.”  According to Nohelty, the Gerry has a lower priority: the middle school had a heating emergency and the Glover serves a larger population.

But if a school is deemed “educationally unsound,” what level of priority does that achieve?

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