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Uriel Crocker Portrait to hang in Abbot Hall auditorium

December 9, 2011

He made a fortune in business but unlike business of today, he never forgot his home town. He donated what is known today as Crocker Park, one of the most beautiful spots along the harbor’s shore, to the Town with no strings  attached, and he never looked back. Today’s billionaires donate land to the Town for some advantage of oceanfront passage, views, or for the gain of greater profit somewhere else. That is, if they donate anything at all.

The Historical Commission, after due deliberation, recommended the upstairs auditorium. The five foot high painting will hang to the right of  the interior side of the entrance of the room, a very visible and prestigeous location, they said. The other option was the Selectmen’s Room, but it is a little crowded with art now. There will always be a plaque commemorating Crocker’s career and donation.

Well, anyway, Uriel’s portrait is in Abbot Hall. The name of Crocker hangs high in the hearts of all knowing Marbleheaders. Crocker Park is a central part of our town’s access to the heart of the harbor and a crown jewel in our parks system.

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