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Tony Sasso’s successor is appointed

January 13, 2012

Jeffrey Chelgren has some shoes to fill. 18 years of Tony Sasso’s management of the Town has mean much to the Old Town. Budget expertise, negotiating skill, people skills, and the ability to get things done when everyone else was throwing up their hands … it won’t be easy for Mr. Chelgren, at least at the beginning.

The Selectmen made the choice with lightning  speed: they did it in less than 15 minutes, 3-0. Harry Christensen recused himself of course, and Brett Murphy did also. So the momentous decision was left to Judy Jacoby, Jackie Belf-Becker and James Nye. Chelgren was not chosen for Nahant in a recent application process. Marblehead started the process with 64 applicants, then the consultant, Municipal Resources, Inc., cut that down to 22, then to 14. The Selectmen (only three) met with four fnalists, Judy said she liked his “sense of humor;” James Nye noted his interest in human resources, and Jackie Belf-Becker said Chelgren was “a good fit” and he would honor Tony’s work1.

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