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Connolly alone in vote on setting Groom aside in new Glover construction project.

January 15, 2012

The proposed new building.

The Village Street construction project, under a contract with Groom Construction did not go well. Local competitors files complaints about the original selection process with the state, a business manager for schools was forced out due to expenditure irregularities, a group of local residents are pressing a investigation into whether the bond money was spent according to Town Meeting votes, and now Groom has been fined by the state for irregularities in the licensing of vendors involved with asbestos removal. And Groom is currently under a suspension by the state.

Tom Connolly, the newest member of the School Committee, made a motion to have the committee consider excluding Groom from the currently proceeding Glover School construction project.

His motion was not even seconded. When a second motion was seconded for discussion it failed four to one.

The current, existing, school.

You can’t blame him for trying. In a letter to editor in the Lynn Item, Mr. Connolly explained he was only doing what anyone would expect elected officials to do: avoid making the same mistakes over and over again. He reaffirmed that he views asking questions and working to make things better for the people, and building confidence in the Town on how money is spent as the reason he was elected.

As we said, no second for Tom’s motion. The Committee’s process for the new project is pretty much the same as the Village project, except for having the Superintendent review and sign off on all changes. Let’s hope history does not repeat itself.

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