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Mike Lane resigns, takes unused vacation time, leaves town to fend for itself on replacement

February 11, 2012

Mike Lane, who has given the Town 34 years of service as given the Town little notice of his departure. While well within his employee rights, Lane’s decision left the Recreation and Parks Commision Chairman, Chip Osborne, a little non-plussed. “I was taken by surprise,” he said.1 “I’m relieved,” Lane stated. Land had had his job description changed multiple times over the years, and was passed over for Department Head after the retirement of Tom Hamond. Lane spoken of happy memories and the feeling of achievement concerning his career with the Town, He said it was “time to try something new.”

After all those years, the Town should hold a party for Mike Lane, thank him for a terrific career of selfless service, and wish him well. After 34 years, what else is there to say?

Thanks, Mike.

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