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Maass’s change to Metco director’s position meets stiff resistance, he doesn’t bend

February 22, 2012

The parents of METCO students saw it as a threat to a program that has meant so much to them. But the superintendent said that cutting the director’s position back to half time was not a cut. And, even though he announced his METCO decision to the school committee, he said that he was still “in conversation” with METCO Director Francois FilsAime. The superintendent felt that, despite the pleas of the students’ parents not to leave their children with no one to help them in time of trouble, the program’s three full time employees and tutors could provide “a safety net” sufficient for students. Maass is also trying to hire three new administrators, including an assistant superintendent, and is paying for them by reducing or eliminating other positions.

There was a feeling in the audience that, despite all of the words and justifications, the METCO program in Marblehead was changing. The superintendent wants to make Marblehead “the best” system in the state, and he noted that METOC students did not perform as well on standardized tests. (The Daily Item, 2/21/12, page A5) So, between the new administrators and the goal of getting those test scores up even higher… something had to go.

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