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Dr. Christopher Palacios held on rape, assault and battery charges

February 24, 2012

Marblehead physician Christopher Palacios was taken into custody after a woman accused him of sexually assaulting her during  an argument over the quality of tickets she had gotten him for a Red Sox game. As reported, (Daily Item, 2/24/12, page one) he was screaming and yelling, called her names, pushed her, kicked her, and shouted many “expletive-laden insults,” describing her weight and appearance. And it got worse. According to reports, after the argument had subsided for a couple of hours and the woman was asleep in bed, the doctor entered the room, resumed the insults, they were fighting on the floor, and he allegedly hit her in the face and then smashed her face on the floor.  Then he sexually assaulted her, the report stated. He later said that he “lost his temper.” He denied the sexual assault.

Palacios is a psychiatrist at Salem Hospital with no prior record. The woman now has a restraining order against the doctor. He was being held at Middleton Jail pending his “dangerousness” hearing.

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