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Seth Moulton, 39, considers running for Tierney seat in congress as an independent

July 12, 2012

John Tierney has his problems, true. But his genuine and believable version of them may reassure enough stalwarts to take him back to Washington. Why he wants to go back is a debate for another occasion, but he does want his Congressional seat. And so does Richard Tisei, the Republican … sort of. Tisei is gay, which puts him at 180-degree odds with 90 percent of the Republican voters who are sort of backing him the same spirit that they always back anyone with an “R” next to their name, no matter what. Authenticism is irrelevant. Tisei has also announced that he is not signing any Norquist pledges not to raise taxes which further alienates his base. Although he does say that he votes against all tax increases anyway. And into this mix of tarnished and rationalized candidates comes the former aide to none other than American-national-hero-general-turned-CIA-cheftain, David Petraeus … Seth Moulton. Seth is not saying what he is really going to do. But, political mathematicians can calculate the plan. Seth is thinking that there must be enough disenchanted Tierney voters to give

Richard Tisei

him a chance there. And, there could be enough gay-bashing Republicans who can’t bring themselves to vote for Tisei that he

Seth Moulton

might just sneak in as everyone’s second choice. But, if that is going to happen, Seth, you are going to have start talking and stop thinking so much. Which automatically puts you outside of most people’s choice for a politician: one who stops talking and starts thinking. But the mathematicians may also calculate that Tierney will strengthen as the campaign plot thickens after Labor Day;  that the blue collar Republicans and independents may shift over to seniority-steeped Tierney, who is truly royal blue in the collar category and who makes sensible and thoughtful votes every time, favoring unions and working people over the two percent of super wealthy so favored by the other side. With Tisei weakening as people get to know his record and his views and votes, and with John Tierney rising again, Moulton may end up on the very short end of the ballot stick.

Maybe there could be an opening for him in the CIA for Seth. There probably won’t be one from this district in Congress.

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