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Shalane says she ready for the Marathon in London

July 23, 2012

Marbleheaders are still in a state of wonder that little Shalane Flanagan who we all saw around town during her career in Marblehead Public Schools is now a world-class contender in the 2012 Olympic in London. She just keeps getting better and better. She already won a bronze in Beijing. She just celebrated her 31st birthday and is the clear prime of her running life, as she heads to her third Olympics. You won’t see her in the opening ceremonies: six to seven hours on her feet, standing around, is not the training cards. She’s there to win. No compromises. Her weekly routine of running (training running not jogging) of over 100 miles is going to slow down to a “much” easier 80 or 90. Having only run a competitive marathon twice before, Flanagan hopes her third will be earth-shattering. “It’s probably going to be my hardest race, one that’s very painful. But that’s why I put myself through so much pain training; to fight through this marathon.”

She does plan some sightseeing in London. But mostly, she’s all work and no play.

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