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Seth Moutlon decides not to run for Congress

July 27, 2012

Politics is like a vast desert: it looks pretty from a distance, but once you get out there, it’s lonely, hot, and a never ending source of danger and exposure. Seth must feel better now that’s he’s turned back. Planning to run as an independent, and needing 2,000 signatures in a few days, his words at his announcement rang true: “I won’t enter the race if I don’t think I can.”1

His two week campaign might be considered “trial balloon” for his potential this year. Truthfully, his campaign could have hurt John Tierney, a fellow Democrat. Or, it could have split the anti-Tierney vote for Tisei, the Republican. We will never know. By the way, Moulton lives in Texas.

Well, anyway, that’s over for now. Now, it’s just an embattled Democrat and a so-spun, “liberal” Republican. Why would the Sixth District change the seniority and influence of John Tierney for the inexperienced Richard Tisei, who is outside of the “mainstream” Tea Party Republicans in the House anyway?

Tierney’s explanations of his wife’s travails has been reasonable to thinking voters. His sincerity has never been questioned before. His record is sterling for this district. It’s been messy and a little stinky, understood, but why cut off your congressman to spite your nose?


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