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Shalane falls short in her Olympic run, but she’s a Marblehead hero forever

August 6, 2012

After a promising year of marathon success in New York and a training program that seemed to be building toward a Cinderella story, the glass was left in the street with no prince charming anywhere near. She finished a tired tenth and collapsed at the finish. Her teammate, Kara Goucher (who finished just behind her), lifted her to her feet and with an arm over her shoulder and around her waist helped her begin the recovery from the grueling year and brutal race. Her time, 2:25.51 was 2:44 minutes behind the winner, Ethiopian, Tiki Gelana.

Shalane spoke about her legs cramping and that she was feeling really “awful” towards the end. She said the cheering crowds were unbelievable and encouraging but that she just had no “oomph” left. She  mentioned that having people passing her at the end was disturbing but that she could do nothing about it.

Her second place in the difficult New York Marathon and first in the Olympic trials, with a record, time showed her that she could run with the best on “any given day.” But that day was not Sunday August 5 in the London.

No comment on future efforts, but Shalane has promised to run in this year’s Boston Marathon.

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