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Cops sting drivers who don’t stop for pedestrians in crosswalks

October 16, 2012

Police Chief Bob Picariello wants to train Marbleheaders to stop when someone is in or near a crosswalk. And he’s put his officers where they can enforce it. A plains clothes officer stands in the street in the crosswalk and Viola! 20 alleged violators are shocked with citations. They apparently thought it was optional but the Massachusetts law clearly states the only option a driver lawfully has to stop and wait for the pedestrian to cross. The fine it one thing, but it takes a slow, agonizing commuter half hour to check out the suspect, search for records and other violations, and then to write the ticket and deliver the lecture. Wouldn’t it be easier and quicker to follow the law. Not to mention safer given the recent histories of Ally Castner and Holly Pierce, both struck and killed in crosswalks by local drivers.

Slow down. Stop for all pedestrians. Or else. Bravo to the chief and the department.

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