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Michael Kelly, 52, arrested and charged with axe attack

December 8, 2012

He is currently cooling off in a jail cell, charged with aggravated assault and battery, assault with a dangerous weapon, and domestic assault and battery. According to police reports as reported in the Daily Item1 officers responded to the location after receiving a report of a fight. Entering the apartment they found blood splatter “on the walls and ceiling.” There were two men, covered in blood, standing at the sink washing themselves off. The two men apparently had a bloody fight over non-payment of the rent. They were roommates. A guitar and a shovel were also used as weapons in the attack. Michael Kelley is quoted as saying that he got tired of being attacked by the roommate, Bradford Kelley (no relation), and grabbed an axe in self-defense.

Bradford Kelley was stablized with a serious injury to his wrist at Mass General. Michael Kelley is scheduled to reappear in Lynn District Court on December 12.

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