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After DUI and carrying a firearm intoxicated, School Business Manager resigns in disgrace

February 9, 2013

imagesIt had to be a tough night. After several years of high praise from the superintendent, Greg Maass, Kevin Meagher was stopped and arrested for drunk driving. A hand gun was discovered in his car as well. Meagher took over after Jonathan Goldfield resigned in controversy over expenditures his office authorized during the renovation of the Village School. That project also caused reputational damage to then superintendent Paul Dulac and Veterans Middle School principal, Libby Moore; the were both cited and fined by the state and both ultimately left the system under a cloud.

The School Committee reacted with compassion. Chairman Chun said residents should “separate the personal from the professional.” What that means is left the to reader’s imagination. The School Committee hires the superintendent who in turn hires everyone else in the district.

Meagher had another arrest for drunken driving in his past.

Superintendent Maass announced that he would be performing the duties of the business manager in the interim.

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