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High School Principal chosen … from Swampscott

March 1, 2013

g12c000000000000000faf4f919ee8adaab82bd823aee2ba0f086c4bd11The Swampscott High School principal replaced in 2010 Brian Salzer, who left to take the Business Manager position in Marblehead, and now that principal, Layne Millington, could be coming to Marblehead’s High School as our Principal. Marblehead Superintendent Greg Maass has offered him the job. The School Committee has to approve the final contract. Millington has been in Swampscott for three years and makes $125,880. He could start in Marblehead on July 1. Acting Marblehead High principal Debra Heaton was passed over in the final analysis. Maass said that he was looking for a collaborator, a problem solver, and someone who listens. Millington is a former science teacher.1

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