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Sleeping in the shadow of Abbot Hall and of a burglar in her bedroom

March 17, 2013

She was sleeping in her Washington Street home. He had broken in and was in the process of absconding with some her valuable possessions, but success in his nefarious breaking and entry effort was just not enough for Sean Raymond Delangis. Oh, no, he had to wake her up “just for the thrill of it,” as the perp reported to his victim, as reported in the Salem News1.

He tapped her on the shoulder while standing over her bed, gloating, if you will, bBut the resident went a little crazy and was soon chasing the burglar around in her home. She stopped in the kitchen and picked up a knife, causing Delangis to dive through a window injuring himself. He was caught by Marblehead police a few minutes later. Substance abuse and a troubled childhood were mentioned as mitigating elements in the plea in the court.

  1. 3/14/13, p.2, by Alan Burke []

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