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Mariner Project on Pleasant Street Approved by the Zoning Board of Appeals

November 8, 2017

The ZBA approved the project unanimously, reversing their previous decision last year. Despite 200 residents attending, the board also permitted the exceeding of height restrictions in the area by issuing a special permit.

87 apartments on the 4.5-acre site at 265 Pleasant Street, which will include walking paths, small parks, benches for seating, gardens, a restaurant, pub, beauty salon, fitness rooms, a library, and a movie theater as submitted in the site plan. Issues raised included the costs of the units, parking inadequacies, the need for more elderly housing in Marblehead. Census information shows that residents over 65 is the largest segment of the current population.

The board’s denial of this application in 2016, was appealed to the Land Court, which then “remanded the matter back to the ZBA.” Hence the new meeting on the topic and subsequent public hearing and approval. Apparently, the Land Court would have heard the case on 11/14/17. It was reported that ZBA Chairman, William Moriarty reminded the board and public that the two reasons it was turned down last time was (1) the design was incompatible with the neighborhood, and (2), adverse effects on abutters.1 The designers and developers made changes sufficient enough, apparently, to facilitate a 360º change in the board’s vote.

It was also reported that the neighbors and opponents were filing an appeal.2 So, it’s not over yet.

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