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Advertising Information


Special limited-time offer!

Your advertisement will be placed on all (150) pages for $100 per month (30 days). Special Offer advertising will be billed and paid in advance, and limited to a maximum of three consecutive months.


Option 1
: Your advertisement will be placed on two pages of your choice for $100 for one month (30 days). Option 1 advertising will be billed and paid in advance.

Option 2: For a limited time we will offer a one-year placement, at a discounted rate of $750.00 per year All option 2 advertising will be billed either annually or quarterly.

For both options: You can pick almost any two pages, except the front page. The form and size of allowed advertising is determined by Legend, Inc. All placements and number of placements are at the sole discretion of Legend, Inc. Please contact us via email or by telephone for further inquires.

Option 3. Marblehead Magazine front page placement. Front page placement is considered on an individual basis and is offered at an annual rate of $2500 per advertiser per year, paid at time of order. front page availability is limited.

Option 4. Marblehead People/Business Directory

Everyone, including advertisers and non-advertisers, is eligible for this page at $75 each for life. Logos are allowed if supplied as 100Wx15H pixel jpgs or gifs. Each advertiser will be given a free link to any site specified. See examples. To order, send a check for $75 to Marblehead Magazine, P.O. Box Fifty, Marblehead, MA 01945 and send your jpg/gif by attaching it to the email list on the contact page. Allow five working days for posting.

Page will be enlarged as needed to the limit of 500 people and businesses. All entrants will also be free one year subscriptions to

Option 5: Restaurant Guide. $150 for listing with link, per year.

Option 6. Obituaries.

Our obituaries are published in the Obituary Archives free of charge as a simple listing. A link to the full obituary, plus listing on our Marblehead People/Business Directory is $75. The difference is, with, these listing are permanent.

Option 7: Pet Heaven. Same policies as obituaries.

Option 8: Advertising Agencies. Advertising agencies should contact the publisher.