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Larry Alexander Dies, 62

Some will remember his first run for State Repreentative. He was running against Norris Harris who had served for as long as anyone could recall (18 terms). Larry’s strategy was to stand out near the junction of Lafayette Street and Maple Avenue every morning and evening waving and smiling to the rush hour traffic. He was always there, rain or shine. And he won. Retrospectively, it seems a foreshadow of how he would serve: unselfishly, dependably, and through good times and bad. From 1979 to 1990, he served this Town and district with honor and effectiveness, and winning a level of acceptance and  respect of his colleagues in the Great and General Court, that his successor, Doug Petersen, was never able to achieve.

He is credited with major roles in the Massachusetts Bottle Bill, funds use of political campaign money, and also remembered for his excellence in constituent service.

Larry passed away on November 6 at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, after battling a long illness. His family reported1 that he insisted on filling out his absentee ballot from his hospital bed.

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