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Online Store

Our store offers many things, and more things are added all the time.
Marblehead Items: unique things only available in town.
Marblehead Books

How to order

1. We accept PayPal … and all credit cards. So you can either use your PayPal account or a credit card, or you can open a PayPal account.

2. If that doesn’t work for you, when you find something in our store, or anywhere in legendinc.comthat you would like to buy or inquire about, write down the description, and the url, and email them to us. Sometimes there is an email link next to the item, if not you can always click here, or check for email listings on our contact page or on the menus at the bottom of almost every page. We will reply by email with the price, delivery and availability.

3. Make out your check in the proper amount to: Legend, Inc. and mail it to: Legend, Inc., Post Office Box Fifty, Marblehead, MA 01945.

4. If you need faster service and delivery, or if you have a question that needs a quick reply call us at:

(781) 990-8707.

Our Privacy Policy and do not collect personal information when you visit, when you use our services, or when you enter our promotions or contests.

If you intentionally give it to us, we do retain your email address in our records, but it is for our use, and only for the promotion, subscription or other offer you intended us to use it for. We never sell, lend or allow any duplicating or distribution of this list. We use it only to communicate with you. Period.

While all server logs accumulate detailed information for site statistics (click below to see our records), the information is not archived on and is never made available to anyone except the webmaster and publisher.

Our privacy policy is very simple: we don’t use the information for anything except communications between you and us, and we never allow any other company any access whatsoever.

So, relax. You are among friends.